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JISULIFE F8X Mini Fan Portable Fan

  • 2020 New upgrade version!
  • 4500mAh power upgrade
  • Type-C input upgrade
  • 3 selectable wind mode
  • Ultra-long standby time extend
  • Wind force enhance

JISULIFE FA13P Extendable Desk Fan 8000mAh

  • Long-life Battery (up to 28 running hours)
  • Strong Wind Reaching 8M Distance
  • Timer Setting: 1/2/4 hours
  • Type-C USB 2.0 Fast Charge
  • Adjustable Height: 13-30.3 inches

JISULIFE FA13R Clip Fan Auto-Oscillating Clip-on Fan 8000mAh

  • Auto Oscillation
  • 8000 mAh Battery(up to 28 running hours)
  • Stand-up and Clip-on, 2 modes in one.
  • 1/2/4 Hours Timer
  • 5 Wind Speed including Nature Wind Mode for Sleep
  • 25 Degree Vertical Rotation
  • Easy Cleaning(detachable cover)
  • Strong Clasp Clip
  • The Alloy Metal Neck Standing Stably
  • Quality ABS Plastic, Metal Alloy

JISULIFE FA16 Portable 8000mAh USB Rechargeable Remote Control Ceiling Fan

  • Utilize the JISULIFE FA16 Portable Ceiling Fan to Remain Cool Anywhere.
  • A Rechargeable Ceiling Fan's Convenience - JISULIFE FA16
  • Utilize the JISULIFE FA16 Portable Ceiling Fan to Save Money and Remain Cool.
  • JISULIFE FA16: The Convenient and Comfortable Portable Ceiling Fan
  • Whenever You Want, JISULIFE FA16 Ceiling Fan Will Provide a Refreshing Breeze.

JISULIFE FA17 Outdoor Camping Ceiling Fan LED Light With Small & Large Stand

  • Battery Capacity: 12000mAh
  • Product Size:283 x 283 x 170 mm
  • Product Weight: 1035g
  • Material: ABS
  • Fan Blade Diameter:212mm
  • Wind Speed:1st:800R/min, 2nd:900R/min,3rd:1500R/min

JISULIFE FA20 Rechargeable Mini Handheld Fan

  • Product name: Small Mini fan
  • Weight: 86g Battery
  • Capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Full charge: 3-5 hours
  • Interface: Type C
  • Size: 63*37.5*139mm
  • Color: White/Pink/Green

JISULIFE FA20X 4000mah Portable Handheld Cooling Pocket Fan

  • Long Battery Life:4000mAh Battery, 4-16 hours working time
  • Fast Charging: TYPE-C, get it fully charged for only 3-4h
  • Wind Power Upgraded: the fastest motor rotation speed is up to 4400RPM.
  • 3 Wind Speeds: Soft Breeze- Gentle Wind-Strong Wind
  • Material Upgraded: made of ABS material, long use does not fade.

JISULIFE Fa26 4500mAh Rechargeable Ultra-Thin Desktop Fan

  • Multiple adjustments to meet the needs of daily life /office/ outdoor
  • 4 wind modes to customize your airflow
  • 4500mAh for up to 15hrs cool
  • 48dB Max. for lower noise, more serenity
  • Be a rechargeable portable fan & power bank

JISULIFE FA27 Portable Multi-functional Cooling Fan

  • Wireless freedom, non-clunky parts.
  • 8000mAh built-in battery for 30hrs.cooling time.
  • 4 wind speed settings and 4 shutdown timer settings.
  • The natural wind mode designed for all stages of sleep.
  • 330° head rotation to meet all you need.

JISULIFE FA35 Pro Portable Bladeless Neck Fan

  • Superior Neck Brace : Relieves pressure feeling, making the airflow surrounding neck.
  • Intermittent Cooling Surface: Take a gentle coolness on your skin.
  • 3D Air Suply: Feel the 360° consistent airflows from 3 turbines.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Easy to take and fit into any pocket or backpack.
  • Quick Charge: Type-C fast charging interface can be fully charged in 2~4 hours.
  • Large Capacity Battery: 4000 mAh battery, from sunrise to sunset.
  • Ultimate Bladeless Neck Fan: Experience the new standard of portable neck fan.

JISULIFE Neck Fan Pro1 5000mAh with LED Display

  • Safe | Portable
  • 100 Speeds Wind
  • Super Battery Life
  • Confort & Breathable
  • Mobile Cooling Neck Fan